CDP & ESD Multiplier Effects

For Enterprise, Skills & Community Development

CDP & ESD Multiplier Effects


Aims to develop the following outcomes on behalf of the community within its commercial engagements:

  • Structured business triple-bottom-line that includes:
    • Sustainability
    • Profitability
    • Asset accumulation
  • Funding boost through outside investment
  • Industry Knowledge and Skills transfer into the community
  • Increasing the Human Capital Development
  • Established Entrepreneurial Platform
  • Develop and Solidify partnerships between Business and Local Communities that:
    • Foster a vision
    • Solve problems
    • Create opportunities
  • Improving the Capacity within the Community to:
    • Define and Implement Projects
    • Project management

Our Focus Areas



Environmental , Social & Economic sustainability


Implementation, Monitoring & Reporting


Institutional Capacity Development and Retention


Economic, Social and Community Development


Integrated Asset & Land Use Planning and Management




Inclusive & well-coordinated investment to achieve balance for inclusive development


To develop and implement integrated management & governance systems


Capacitate & retain stakeholders. Ensure Competency within systems.


Quality of life improvements, employment & social services


Create and maintain value




Protection of natural resources and Improved quality of life for future generations


Accountability & Trust


Competent and productive workforce


Reduce poverty enhance job opportunities


Orderly asset and land utilisation